Mya the Siberian Husky

Dog Breed: Siberian Husky

I know it is said when you rescue an animal, they end up rescuing you instead. This is true for this story as well. Mya was handed over to us from a family who didn't want her. They were overwhelmed with a toddler and two other dogs so they wanted to find her a good home. She was seven months when we got her and is almost two and a half now. After having her with us for six months, I was laid off from my job. That ended up lasting for an entire year. Having her in my life definitely kept me sane and busy! My fiance (now hubby) traveled a lot so Mya and I were home quite a bit by ourselves. I had to get out and find stuff for us to do! I ended up meeting some really great friends at the local dog park in that year and we still do lots of hiking, swimming and event attending with our pups! I have learned so much about being a responsible pet owner and now we are wanting to rescue another dog to be Mya's buddy. We love her to bits! Our lives have been so enriched and blessed by having her with us.