Nala the Rottweiler

Dog Breed: Rottweiler

Once I lived outside, tied up in a yard with an outdoor house for my shelter. My humans knew it was no way for a princess to live and so they found me a new home with my Mum and Dad. At my new home I had a brother called Sammy and a bed beside the fire. I played outside and I relaxed inside. The couch, my basket, Mum and Dad's bed...nothing was off limits. When I was 10 years old I got sick. I started limping and my parents took me to the doctor. He said that I had a great big tumor on my shoulder and because I am and old dog, they don't want to give me surgery. I knew it was bad, because my Mum started to cry. We went home with some special tablets to help me feel better and life went on like normal for a few months. Then I started to get sore again and the vet gave me some new tablets. Soon they didn't help much either. One morning my Mum and Dad were petting me and I gave them a kiss and told them it was time for me to go. They were very sad, but they wanted to help me. They took me back to the doctor and my brother Sammy Spence lay down on the blanket with me while the doctor gave me some more medicine. Dad held me in his arms and Mum petted me and Sammy gave me a kiss and then I went to sleep. I am okay now and I will wait at the Rainbow Bridge for my family who still love me.