Neicka the Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

Neicka was born in Queretaro City, Mexico 14 years ago. The first time that I saw her expressive eyes, so little and so cute but also so calm and kind, I knew that our love and friendship would last forever. We enjoyed so many days together, during my college years, the rush of our first house, the success of my first job, the joy of the first puppies, the company of the good friends and so many sunny days. I'm sure that she lived a really good life, always surrounded by my family. I will never forget the last day that we spent together; she was so happy because she moved to my parents house in a new city because I was about to start a new adventure far away from home. I'm really sad because she passed away and I wasn't there, but I feel lucky to know that I lived with the most wonderful dog in the world. I miss her so much!