Newton the German Shepherd

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog

We adopted Newton (we have a physicist in the house) from the Humane Society when he was eight months old and already weighed 60 pounds, which was all ears and feet! He currently weighs in at a healthy and happy 110 pounds. Newton's loves are: catching the Frisbee, playing soccer, guarding the backyard tree from squirrels and birds, being chased, working with dad in his workshop, and generally being mom's shadow. He is a very funny, very smart guy who can learn just about any new trick when enticed by peanut butter toast. Newton gives great hugs and kisses, and lets you know you are a friend with a gentle body nudge. He does have some trust issues (we suspect he was not socialized in puppyhood) but if you are welcomed into his circle of trust, it is a warm, fun, and loving place to be! With those ears, black coat and white chest emblem, my niece dubbed him "Batdog"! Indeed, he has been our family's superhero and much welcomed "Dark Knight" and we simply cannot imagine life without him!