Norman the Spaniel Mix

Dog Breed: English Springer Spaniel / Treeing Walker Coonhound

Norman is a English Springer Spaniel / Treeing Walker Coonhound cross. He loves to go on daily walks with his mom, run and play with other dogs at the off-leash dog park, cuddle with anyone willing and devour any treat or chew toy in sight. Norman's best friend is his brother Creamy the cat and they love to play together, kiss and cuddle-up. He is not the quickest to learn new things but always eager to please and willing to try something new. Norman loves to be active; on rainy days when stuck indoors he enjoys a long run on the treadmill and can easily go 12 miles an hour. As active as he is, he also can sit still long enough to go canoeing with Mom and Dad. Recently Norman completed his intermediate level obedience certificate, quite a feat at only 11 months old!