Ollie and Hunter the Miniature Schnauzers

Dog Breed: Unknown

Ollie and Hunter's dad says: Ollie joined our family in August 2003 and has changed our life completely... for the better. We think he is an angel sent down to watch over us and it is no coincidence that he has a beautiful white coat. Ollie has a wonderful personality and is extremely gentle. He tends to be timid at times, especially before strange people or things. It is obvious that Ollie is more dog friendly than human friendly. He gets excited when he sees a dog and appears uninterested in human affection, except to my wife and me. Ollie loves to play chase. That is, I chase him and he runs away. His other favourite game is chase after the ball. Notice I did not call the game fetch-the-ball. This is because Ollie is a typical kiasu (scared to lose) Singaporean; he refuses to give me the ball when he gets hold of it. Hunter is quite a little rascal... very naughty, very daring, very playful, and very cute. Hunter was named by his breeder, a friend of ours, and we feel that it's a perfect name because he likes to pounce at his playmate or his toy... pretending that they are his prey. Sometimes in the morning when we carry Hunter onto our bed, he'll playfully pounce at our toes that are sticking out of the end of our blanket. Hunter joined our family when I was extremely busy with a research project so we let him stay with my in-laws. We fetched him home after I completed my project. My biggest regret is that I have missed a large portion of his puppy phase.