Paz the Australian Labradoodle

Dog Breed: Unknown

Hi, my name is Paz (which means "peace" in Spanish) and I am an Australian labradoodle. I am a Delta registered pet therapy dog, and I go to work with my mom who runs programs for children who have witnessed domestic violence. I love working because I know I make lots of kids happy who may feel scared or are having a bad day. Sometimes the kids just want to talk to me, or sit and hug me and that really makes them feel better. I like cuddling up next to the kids even though sometimes I'm bigger than they are (I weigh 65 pounds) and the kids say I look like a muppet. I really like making kids feel happy. When I am not working, I love to go to the dog park with my girlfriend, Izzy. I live in Lower Manhattan in New York City, so I'm used to crowds, traffic, as well as beautiful parks and great places to walk. I'm comfortable going into tall buildings (I work in a tall building), and I also love riding in a car to the "country". I wish I could drive, but my mom told me I'm just too young and easily distracted!