Peanut, Elton, and Ellie the Greyhounds

Dog Breed: Unknown

The mom says: Peanut, Elton, and Ellie Bean have all been on The Daily Puppy but now they are all grown up. Sadly, our family has had some misfortune over the past six months. We lost two ex-racers, Bear and Zap. Then this May, Peanut got sick and it got worse and worse. He passed away at the veterinarian's office. Peanut was a few weeks away from his second birthday, which was longer than most had predicted he would live. He was loved every minute and knew it. Elton and Ellie have continued with their greyhound duties, making sure the forests are safe and the geese have a nice stay in the river. Elton turned two in July, and Ellie Bean will reach her big number one in November. Elton and Ellie go for walks twice a day and snuggle into a king size bed at night. They are doing great and are happy living as 'country' dogs. We miss all of our greyhound angels but are glad we could be in their lives for at least a while.