Peggy the Boston Terrier

Dog Breed: Boston Terrier

Peggy is a boisterous and troublesome pooch in every way. She gets her nose into everything and never gives us a minute's peace. Her favorite thing is finding sticks outside, shooting past us with them in her mouth and running into the house so that she can destroy them at her leisure, all over our carpets. But, with all the naughtiness comes a very funny, sweet, gentle, loving and extremely cuddly dog. She's worth every ounce of trouble and makes us laugh on an hourly basis. She's made a great companion for Doris and even Essie likes to play with her occasionally, when she's not taking refuge from all the chaos that Peggy creates. Our family really is complete now with 3 dogs running around and forever keeping us entertained. I really wouldn't have it any other way.