Peter Reiley the Maltese

Dog Breed: Maltese

While Peter Reiley is such a ladies' man, he can be a guy's guy and just sit back and watch a football game. Peter often gets the comment, "Wow, I don't usually like small dogs but Peter is pretty cool." Fetch is Peter's favorite game. If you sit you can be sure he'll bring you a toy to throw so he can run after it and bring it back, of course. Peter lives in an apartment with wooden floors so he gets quite excited when he steps on carpet. He'll take a few laps at lighting speed just to check the grip of the carpet! Peter is such a pleasure to have around that I have a sign up sheet for puppy sitters! No matter where he is though, he has his idiosyncrasies. He loves chewing his Greenie at night on your chest or lap. He'll even bark at the jar to tell you if he's ready for his Greenie a little early. He does all the tricks he knows for a liver treat and he just loves to go for walks outside. Peter is now working to be a therapy dog so he can add happy moments to those not as fortunate as others.