Petey the Australian Shepherd Mix

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd / Boxer

Petey was picked up by Animal Control and moved to the Humane Society when he was 1 year old. He had grown into his collar, and required a surgery to remove it, leaving him with a scar all the way around his neck. After spending 14 months in the shelter, he was adopted and given a home. Nine months later, he was dropped back off at the shelter because his family was moving and did not want to take him. I work at the Humane Society and after 3 weeks I knew I could not leave him there any longer. He loves snuggling and sitting in everyone's laps. He loves going to the dog park (even though sometimes I think it's just to get pet by everyone). Petey has been with me for a few weeks, and I could not love him any more than I do. He has been a wonderful addition to my home, and I can't wait to give him a life full of everything he missed as a puppy.