Picasso the Welsh Terrier

Dog Breed: Welsh Terrier

This pooch spends most of his days waking up to good morning kisses and hugs from his lovable family members. He may be lazy, but he is passionate for chasing lizards, squirrels, and basically anything that isn't a K-9. He'll melt at your fingertips for a treat or walk and when you say "Pet smart" or "dog park", he runs to the car! Nicknamed "Casso", he will make you feel happy and warm inside from all his love and attention he will give you! If you're a new visitor, don't expect anything less than him being sweet and chill. Casso also knows how to sit, lay down, shake, fist-bump, and stay! I couldn't have asked for a better dog in our lives, with him being the reason I have the aspiration to be a vet.