Pogo the Australian Shepherd

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd

Pogo was sitting in the middle of our lane when we came home from work one day, skinny as a rail and his nose was all scratched. I got out of the car and he jumped right into my arms. We tried for a couple months to find the owner but out in the country we get a lot of people dumping dogs. Can't imagine why someone would get rid of such a cutie but he found the right house! He's now very spoiled, has gained a few pounds, and is a total Mama's boy.

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wolfgirl66 Oct 19, 2011
Sweet Pogo is very beautiful and all of his pictures are very cute!

princelover Oct 19, 2011
What a georgous pack of dogs and Pogo found the perfect home. He is...

Jose Oct 19, 2011
Pogo your a very handsome boy. I hope that you have a great life....

jackie2j Oct 19, 2011
Thaks for sharing Pogo, he looks like a well loved dog, and he's...

The Raven Oct 19, 2011
Pogo, smart fellow, you found the perfect home. Jumped right into...

dogmommy Oct 19, 2011
Hey-peek a boo! Please come out and play with me! It's a...

sunshineangel Oct 19, 2011
Oh My word, just too beautiful...Hugs and Love to you sweetie!

veronica Oct 19, 2011
great picture, all so cute. x

asiangirl713 Oct 19, 2011
Pogo you are beautiful!!!!! I wish you and your family a very Hsppy...

amyliz Oct 19, 2011
Great dog, great story! Pogo is not only handsome but smart...he knew...

amyliz Oct 19, 2011
Wow, what a wonderful canine family! What has their undivided...

guerrero's grandma Oct 19, 2011
peek-a-boo ... can i come in mommy? Pogo, you are a very handsome...

Charles' girl Oct 19, 2011
I love this picture, whaat a sweetie

MaryG Oct 19, 2011
I love this picture! Pogo is lucky to have found such a great family....

jlstevens14 Oct 19, 2011
We have a crush! Piper (and her person Joanne!)

imissjess Oct 19, 2011
Think you are wrong about the breed. This sure looks like a Border...

Tish555 Oct 19, 2011
What a beautiful animal. See what you mean, imissjess, Pogo does...

Kddid429 Oct 19, 2011
I see you see me???

Puppy Power Oct 19, 2011
What a beautiful sweetheart!

daphne's mom Oct 19, 2011
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together...

gingermax Oct 19, 2011
Pogo, words cannot describe how sweet this story is to me. I wish...

stillwater20 Oct 19, 2011
what are y'all doing in there without me???? love this photo!...

gryt Oct 19, 2011
Congrats on your furever home, Pogo! You're awesome. This pic......

PuppyLuv2 Oct 19, 2011
Love this photo. Thanks for sharing your fur family!

CA puppylover Oct 19, 2011
Thank you, thank you for rescuing Pogo. What a beautiful dog and...

chelsearosebud Oct 19, 2011
Oh my goodness ... what a heartwarming story with an ample dose of...

JanW Oct 19, 2011
"OK...I see all of you in there. What the heck am I doing out...

cane corso Oct 19, 2011
AHHHH...another four dog household! Congratulations and welcome!! :...

LuvmySheltie Oct 19, 2011
You have 4 adorable dogs? I'm so jealous! LOL

LATaurus Oct 19, 2011
Happy pack! Congrats on rescuing Pogo - he looks 100% at home.

GSDLVR Oct 19, 2011
What a beautiful family!

Cindylu001 Oct 19, 2011
Now, that pack looks like a bundle of nonstop F-U-N! Congratulations...

weaverpup Oct 19, 2011
what a great story and what a handsome boy you are, Pogo! so happy...

gouldkb Oct 19, 2011
He seemed to have found his home - he knew where to go. What a great...

DogLover in Canada Oct 19, 2011
Ahhh Love. Such a sweet story and Pogo has such a warm and loving...

WendyCR72 Oct 19, 2011
Pogo has an awesome smile!

untbunny Oct 19, 2011
Such a beautiful baby! Glad you found such a great home filled with...

pandrews-4 Oct 19, 2011
What a handsome guy! Thank you for rescuing & adopting him. I love...

drakes' granny Oct 19, 2011
Pogo is such a great looking fella. Super pictures of him but I love...

gypsysoul68 Oct 19, 2011
I ended up with one of my babies that way also... she adopted me by...

Critter Crazy Oct 19, 2011
So very happy you rescued Pogo. He is delightful and handsome and...

BeautyLover Oct 19, 2011
Pogo - you sure knew who to go to!!!!! Looks like you have a...

StaceyLS83 Oct 19, 2011
Pogo is so sweet! I am glad he found his way to the right family. :-)

maroula Oct 19, 2011
He's an amazing, sweet, good-looking doggie ! It was just pure...

Abiglen Oct 19, 2011
Pogo, you jumped into the right arms just at the right time. Those...

Abiglen Oct 19, 2011
You are a pack of good looking doggies. Isn't it wonderful to be...

Abiglen Oct 19, 2011
This photo made me chuckle - had to comment.

mychiensr1 Oct 19, 2011
Pogo Beans is so handsome and funny too. I didn't know you guys...

Henry 'n' Gem Oct 19, 2011

virgilsmama Oct 19, 2011
This has to be one of the most beautiful and heartwarming pictures I...

hope2 Oct 19, 2011
you are soooo cutie and handsome.

Bear'sMum Oct 19, 2011
What a housefull you have! Lucky Pogo to have found, what I am sure,...

wkinney623 Oct 19, 2011
OMG how awesome is this story! God Bless!

allmyshelties Oct 19, 2011
Oh Pogo, you have totally melted my heart to mush. Such a handsome...

susannablues Oct 19, 2011
The picture is a winner and you are an angel to welcome in another 4...

WATERDOG Oct 19, 2011
Is this not the perfect living room to come home to? No matter what...

Roxy29 Oct 20, 2011
How anyone could have abandoned you is a complete mystery .... you...

lucybee Oct 20, 2011
Lucky you,and lucky family who has you now.You are my favorite color...

alinazacc Oct 20, 2011
You are so beautiful!!!!!

Pupeluv Oct 20, 2011
Pogo has developed into a handsome fellow. And it sounds as though...

l_tat2014 Oct 22, 2011
what a sweet heart! i have an Australian shepherd also and they are...

mushermaggie Oct 24, 2011
Looks like you've rescued a few--what a happy family!

tilliel33 Oct 26, 2011
Very cute cousin!

tilliel33 Oct 26, 2011
Very cute cousin!