Poppy the Blue Heeler

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd

Poppy has been a part of our family for nearly three years. She has steadily earned her keep as family protector and loving pet. I didn't know much about blue heelers when we got her, but I learned quickly that these dogs have an enormous amount of energy and prefer to be working at all times. Working to Poppy is watching after all the other critters and our grandson to make sure they do not get into anything dangerous. Even my husband and I benefit from her constant protection. When we swim, we have to put a life jacket on her so she can swim with us. She was not happy sitting on the bank and watching us go out past where she felt was safe. If you pretend to be in distress, she will swim up beside you and insist that you grab the handle on her life jacket to be towed back to shore. She is the most amazing dog and the best family pet.