Poppy the Maltese / Yorkie Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Poppy's mom says: Poppy was a Christmas gift to me from my sister a couple of years ago. She is half Yorkshire terrier and half Maltese (although a friend of mine says Poppy is half Yorkie, half Maltese, and half dishrag!) As little as Poppy is (she's just eight pounds), she is a big joy to be around. She loves to be loved -- actually, she sort of demands it. Obviously, Poppy is not a work dog. She likes to lounge. All day. One of her favorite places to be is in bed -- my bed technically, but it's easy to forget that when Poppy is in it. Of course, I freely admit to spoiling her a bit. I keep the bedroom lights off in the morning so she doesn't have to wake up too early and she gets a bit of peanut butter every evening as a nightcap. Poppy likes to play outside. In the spring, she'll go outside and little coiled leaves will pop off the weeds as she walks by them and get embedded in her fur. I think it makes her look like she has chicken pox! I love her dearly and can't imagine my life without her. She's definitely the best Christmas present I ever got!