Punc the Boston Terrier Mix

Dog Breed: Boston Terrier / Mixed

My name is Punc, short for Punctuation. I was named for the exclamation point on my belly (and to have a name starting with "P" to go with my sister, Panda). I am 50% Boston Terrier, 50% complete mutt. I like chasing balls, going for walks, and chewing. Luckily, most days I choose to chew on my bones and not on my owners' belongings. I am learning to like the snow, but mostly I am determined to eat all of it! My favorite trick is "go to bed", since I get the most treats for that one! I was raised with my sister and several other dogs until I was 10 months old. Now I'm a single dog, but I am hoping for a new playmate to join my house soon!