Radar the White Swiss Shepherd

Dog Breed: Unknown

Radar says: "My name is Radar (on account of my, ahem, perfectly sized ears). I am a white Swiss shepherd and the light of my parents' lives. I am SO smart and SO cuddly that even though I am a well trained boy I can get away with ANYthing if I want. I love to be with my mama and papa. I've even mastered the art of opening doors so I don't get left alone! I really like fellow dogs but I like to bark back at other dogs just to impress my papa when we go for walks. I love to work as much as I love to play; I'm an enthusiastic learner and the fastest ball fetcher ever! And I really like car rides if I can sit in the front and be the navigator. If daddy lets me, I even put my paw on his shoulder like a commander. Ma and pa keep saying I have a snoring problem when I get really tired and fall asleep in funny ways, but I think they're just jealous that I always end up with the pillow! They say they are very happy that they found my breed and very blessed that they found me, the one and only pup for them. Mama and papa keep teaching me so many new things... I think they have big plans for me!"