Rascal the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Dog Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Rascal's mom says: Rascal is a four-year-old Pembroke Welsh corgi that I saved as a puppy from living in a barn. He has grown up into the sweetest boy you could imagine. He is just so adorable with his little smiles and his big ears. He may be small but he has a big personality and is quite the character. We sometimes call him Chewy because he often makes funny noises including ones that sound like Chewbacca (Star Wars). He has had a tough year and a half, as he had to have two surgeries relating to an abscess in his neck. He is fine now and is back to causing chaos and living up to his name. Rascal is just a tough little guy that thinks he can take on the world and make people smile while he does it. He is the love of my life.