Rascal the Shepherd Mix

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Keeshond

My name is Rascal. My parents adopted me from a rescue shelter when I was a baby. I'm eight months old now and I have an older sister named Jackie; she's a cat. I graduated from puppy training a few weeks ago and that was fun, but my favorite thing to do is to chase my sister. She pretends she's not having fun, but I know that she secretly loves it. I also like puppy day care, dog parks and puppy social hour because I have a ton of friends. There's nothing like playing with friends...especially in mud. I like to smell flowers and the air and chew on sticks and shoes. Whenever I find something to chew on I feel so proud and bring it to my mom and dad, but for some reason they always think I'm asking for them to take it away from me. That's ok though; I have a lot of toys. They should build the toy boxes better though. I've gone through two already.