Redford the Adoptable Grown-Up Puppy

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Redford von Reeseburg is an extremely loving 18 month old long haired red and black German Shepherd. His red and black coloring is highly desired by breeders, and with his sweet personality, we have to wonder what kind of person would let Redford get so skinny and unkept?! Like many German Shepherds, Redford is a "velcro-doggie" wanting nothing more than to be by your side. He is eager to please and a quick learner. He walks very nicely on a leash and is just about as easy going as you can get. Nothing bothers him, from bathing to brushings to having his ears cleaned, even if he doesn’t care for it, he just sits there and patiently waits for you to finish. He is friendly to everyone he meets, both people and other animals. He met a cat in the vet’s office and barely gave him a second glance. Redford still has a lot of puppy energy and needs to be taught a few manners, like not jumping up when he gets excited, but he is incredibly intelligent and will learn very quickly what is expected from him. We don’t think that he was physically abused by his previous owner, but even raising your voice around him makes him so sad, like he let you down. He is very good with positive reinforcement, and telling him "Good Boy!" makes him so happy and he tries to repeat whatever he did to get that praise, making him pretty easy to train. He knows the "sit" and "down" commands, as well as "Give me your Paw" (shake). Redford is the dog that wonderful memories are made from. Come meet Redford and give him a second chance at a happy, healthy life. Please visit: and fill out an adoption application!