Riga the Aussie Mix

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd / Chihuahua

Hi, my name is Riga. I was rescued by my Nana, seconds away from being euthanized. I was just a 5 month old puppy then and she couldn't stand the thought of not saving me, so she scooped me up and took me home. That's where I met my Mom for the first time! Mom named me Riga after her favorite city in Eastern Europe. It's pronounced 'Ree-gah'. Mom takes me everywhere. I've done all of her race training with her, which is my absolute favorite. Anything that involves the outdoors makes me incredibly happy. I try to be the most loyal, loving and attentive companion for my mom. I love to be near her and would do anything to make her happy. My favorite runs are when we are with big training groups. Then I have a job and get to make sure all the 2-legged runners are safe and that no one ever runs alone. I like to act as a lookout on the trails and keep tabs on all of the group members. I love it when they greet me as I run past them when I am making my rounds. It's the very best!