Riley the Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Riley loves the water, especially the San Francisco Bay, no matter how cold. Her best friend is her adoptive brother Toby, who at 13 may be old, but still tons of fun. She loves cuddling, having photos taken of her and you can usually find her under the kitchen bar hoping some food will drop. Her favorites times of day are breakfast and dinner, and she gets very sad if there isn't a spot left for her next to Mom on the couch at night. Her favorite shows are Too Cute and anything with wolves. Her favorite toys are tennis balls and a stuffed animal that looks exactly like her. She loves anyone that will pet her. She is often mistaken for a mix of some kind due to her short stature. Her nickname is Swiffer because if she doesn't eat anything left behind, her belly fur picks it up off the ground!