Rockie the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Unknown

This is Rockie. He came into my life in June 2009, six months after I had lost my other dog who had been with me for 17 years. I swore blind that I was not going to get another dog. But after five months I was fed up of coming home to an empty house. From the first time Rockie stepped into the house he was home. He is a very lovable dog. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He is good with children of all ages. He is very quick at picking things up. He is a very outgoing dog and seems to live life to the fullest. His girlfriend is a Rottweiler who we meet up with and they run and play. He likes to always have people around him. He is also a very nosey dog which we laugh at. He makes you smile even when you are at your lowest. His love for me is unconditional and I could not imagine life without him now.