Roman the Pit Bull

Dog Breed: Unknown

Roman's mom says: We adopted Roman from a rescue organization in Florida, where we all moved from earlier this year. The second we saw him and he wagged his tail so hard that it almost became a weapon, we fell in love with him. Roman's not a newborn but not yet full grown. He also has the energy of about 20 puppies. Sometimes he gets so psyched up that he has to run laps around the apartment, jumping over any obstacles. He also must be half-rabbit because he has a standing jump of about two and a half feet. His favorite trick is sit/roll over/play dead. He's also a big fan of hummus. Roman's nicknames are "Romey," "Romers,""Roman Polanski," and "Cuddlebot 5000 a.k.a. the Cuddlemonster." At night, he earns the nickname, since he is the perfect cuddler. He loves fast music, and this year he got to see snow and ice. He was a born snow dog, yet he is one of the only dogs ever who can't doggy-paddle. Tons of personality. Best friend.