Roman the Pit Bull

Dog Breed: Unknown

Roman's mom says: We adopted Roman from a rescue organization in Florida, where we all moved from earlier this year. The second we saw him and he wagged his tail so hard that it almost became a weapon, we fell in love with him. Roman's not a newborn but not yet full grown. He also has the energy of about 20 puppies. Sometimes he gets so psyched up that he has to run laps around the apartment, jumping over any obstacles. He also must be half-rabbit because he has a standing jump of about two and a half feet. His favorite trick is sit/roll over/play dead. He's also a big fan of hummus. Roman's nicknames are "Romey," "Romers,""Roman Polanski," and "Cuddlebot 5000 a.k.a. the Cuddlemonster." At night, he earns the nickname, since he is the perfect cuddler. He loves fast music, and this year he got to see snow and ice. He was a born snow dog, yet he is one of the only dogs ever who can't doggy-paddle. Tons of personality. Best friend.

Comments (26)
millahnna Apr 24, 2007
There is no grin quite like a pittie grin. Just lights up their...

untbunny Apr 24, 2007
No need to doggy paddle when you're that adorable! Beautiful black...

hetzlerl Apr 24, 2007
Awww!!! What a gorgeous pit bull!! I love the pics - Roman is so...

Sashasmommy Apr 24, 2007
What a happy boy!! I love the picture of him in the flowers... the...

eslapin Apr 24, 2007
What a handsome pittie!!! I agree, there is nothing in the world...

puppy-lovin' freak Apr 24, 2007
Cuddlebot 5000 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! He's the most beautiful doggie...

dog+human=happy Apr 24, 2007
The photo of Roman among the yellow flowers is fantastic! He looks...

mom2jgd Apr 24, 2007
Gorgeous dog, excellent photography. Rescue dogs are the BEST!

bulldogmom Apr 24, 2007
Congrats on your rescue dog! There are no better pets. Also, Roman,...

rundogrun Apr 24, 2007
I'm a first time submitter-what a wonderful,trusting face! I have...

yujismom Apr 24, 2007
nothing is more adorable than a pink pit

Cheryl Apr 24, 2007
Happy, happy, joy, joy! What a fantastic face!

mlamb Apr 24, 2007
He is absolutely fantastic. Good for you for looking beyond the hype!...

jilbean3 Apr 24, 2007
This pooch is so cute! I love him! What a beauty!

LisaRKR Apr 25, 2007
What a pretty boy! It is soooooooo nice to see so many praising the...

Terry C Apr 25, 2007
He looks like Petey from "The Little Rascals".

gandvapple Apr 25, 2007
What an awesome pitty!!! Always happy to see them right where they...

sandi May 13, 2007
Oh Roman, What a handsome lad you are. I love the 1st pic, you look...

Langtry May 15, 2007
What wonderful pictures of Roman! In fact, to celebrate Spring, I...

kukie Jun 14, 2007
Roman, you big baby, I think I am in love! Belly rubs and kisses

soshyviolet Jun 26, 2007
oh what a handsome boy!!!! I have an almost 2 yr. old pitbull named...

jjenniebug Jun 28, 2007
What a gorgeous Pit! Love the breed & Roman too :)

hfriedman3 Aug 31, 2007
Pit Bulls are the BEST!!! Roman is amazing! I wish you both many...

joandshadow Oct 10, 2007
He is so handsome-he seems tiny, is he fully grown?? I am so afraid...

quasimodo Jan 26, 2008
Roman is GORGEOUS! And so are your photos! Three cheers for you...

shell242 Apr 21, 2008
Look at this smile!!! Beautiful!