Ronan the Bernese Mountain Dog

Dog Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Ronan is a sweet, loving and affectionate Bernese mountain dog. Originally from Pennsylvania, Ronan was one of eight puppies and now lives with his family in Westchester County, New York. Ronan loves meeting other dogs, going to the park and playing with his family. He has earned a nickname "Megapaws" because at 105 pounds, Ronan is a big and growing boy. He is extremely social and affectionate and does not like being left alone at home. Ronan loves bully sticks, balls, bones, Kongs with peanut butter and chewing on shoes, socks and his sisters' Barbie dolls. His favorite activity is playing around the house or yard with his family. Ronan has made a lot of friends at the dog park in our town and loves to socialize and play puppy games. He also loves swimming in the Long Island Sound, even in cold weather!