Roscoe the Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Roscoe's mom says: Roscoe was my surprise Christmas gift from my husband. He was only six weeks old when I got him. The first time I held him, he affectionately began licking my face all over. Our 14-year-old German shepherd, Ruffy, was mourning the loss of Triever, our 14-year-old golden, who passed away two months prior to when Roscoe appeared on the scene. Ruffy immediately took to Roscoe like a grandfather. Now that Roscoe is over a year old and much bigger, the two play tug of war and are an equal match. When Ruffy climbs a hill, Roscoe grabs a hold of Ruffy's tail to make his climb easier. Roscoe likes to climb in bed with us at night, falling asleep between my husband and me momentarily, and then shortly after, waking up and climbing down to sleep next to Ruffy. Roscoe joins us in bed again in the morning, waiting patiently until we wake up. We have six cats as well, who all get along with Roscoe. Occasionally Roscoe likes to chase them, but the cats can outrun him. With them, it's a game of hide-and-seek.