Rosko the Bichon Shih-tzu mix

Dog Breed: Bichon Frise / Shih Tzu

Rosko is a liitle fluff ball who lets you do anything to him. Rosko also has multiple tricks he can do like pew pew which when you say that he plays dead. Rosko is always ready to play and he loves to play with his stuffed dog who's bigger than him. When Rosko wants to go sleep he tries to find the comfiest thing possible. Rosko is realy the perfect little dog since he's quite quiet.

Comments (13)
drakes' granny Nov 21, 2012
Great pictures. Rosko seems like a comedian all wrapped up. Cute...

Frances016 Nov 21, 2012
Rosko, you're a little ball of love. You sound a very clever...

gingermax Nov 21, 2012
OMG! You are adorable! Wish you were mine. How can you not love...

lily20028 Nov 21, 2012
such cute pics!

Noodlesboy Nov 21, 2012
I had to comment on this one because I have a picture of my dog...

elsie`s mum Nov 21, 2012
Don`t look at me `cuase I think I might be sulking (but you are still...

Oliver & Henry's Mum Nov 21, 2012
Rosko, you have the sweetest expression! I'm surprised the photo...

iluvk9s Nov 21, 2012
Rosko is so sweet and cute!!!

veronica Nov 22, 2012
so adorable x

Coinshop Nov 22, 2012
Rosko looks like he's a fun dog!

chelsearosebud Nov 22, 2012
One of the BETTER DP photos! Oui, Oui Monsieur Rosko! Mucho kisses,...

Abiglen Nov 23, 2012
LOL!!! I see what you mean about Rosko's good nature! I viewed...

guerrero's grandma Nov 24, 2012
don't you just LOVE my pashmina? yes, Rosko you are adorable in...