Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Aug 25, 2009 evaliardet
YAY Rowdy! you got on!!! SOOO paw-dorable!!!! you deserve a BIG, l o n g bellyrub! treats from NZ ♥
Aug 25, 2009 Leosky
such a cool dog i seriously want Rowdy now! haha! x
Aug 25, 2009 georgia04
I am so glad Rowdy made Daily Puppy! With that smile, how could he not? I love this boy, he's total cuteness. Thanks for rescuing him and giving him a good life!
Aug 25, 2009 sheltie_lover11
Congrats! What a splash of happiness!
Aug 25, 2009 DoglessInZurich
That is the greatest name for a dog ever! And look how happy that little boy is. Thank heaven you saved him and showed him some much-needed love. GOLLY what a cutie.
Aug 25, 2009 kady
Rowdy is so handsome.Many hugs and biscuits for him
Aug 25, 2009 bkregh
Rowdy, what a wonderful creature you are. You have such a gentle and loving look in your eyes. All the love in the world to you Rowdy.
Aug 25, 2009 melvinator
Good boy, Rowdy! Thanks for giving this fine fellow the loving home he deserves
Aug 25, 2009 rosy
He is gorgeous!!! Billions of hugs and biscuits!!!!
Aug 25, 2009 daphne's mom
Rowdy I am so sorry you had such a rough start! I am so glad you found a loving forever home! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life! Much love, many biscuits, and lots of hugs to you, sweetheart!
Aug 25, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Rowdy did have a rough start but what a trooper! He is obviously, deservedly well-loved and happy today! What a cutie. Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Aug 25, 2009 fritzy
Aug 25, 2009 dogs!!!
what a cutie pie !
Aug 25, 2009 Merlin'ssis
I specifically signed up this morning so I could add much-needed biscuits for Rowdy! He is *gorgeous*! Come on folks, let's give him what he deserves. Extra kisses and biscuits from Merlin's sister in Boston...
Aug 25, 2009 brunomom
Look at this handsome Rowdy! I love his strong face, he is very elegant. God bless you and the Vet and everyone who tends to all who can not help themselves whether they have two legs or four.
Aug 25, 2009 toddycat
What a handsome boy you are Rowdy. I'm so glad that you have a great life after a bad beginning. Thanks to your family for adopting you. Tons of hugs,kisses, tummy rubs, and bikkies for you sweetie.
Aug 25, 2009 amyliz
Rowdy, the love and trust in your eyes is amazing! Thank goodness you were look like a total sweetheart and I have added you to my favorites!
Aug 25, 2009 HillCountryGal
Rowdy, I love the look in you eyes in this picture. Makes me think you're remembering.... Sounds like you've got THE perfect home. Sure glad to know you have lots or room to run and lots of loving.
Aug 25, 2009 ckendall
Awwwwwwww Rowdy one look at your sweet face put a big ole smile on mine!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you are now happy and well loved!!
Aug 25, 2009 BASummers
I just want to give him a smooch right on those adorable jowls. Thanks so much to you and your vet for helping this guy in his time of need! You're good people. :)
Aug 25, 2009 Unpredictable67
i absolutely love you rowdy!!!
Aug 25, 2009 belladonna622
I heart rescue dogs! They are just the best. And Rowdy is such a handsome boy.
Aug 25, 2009 dalewoman
Cute boy!
Aug 25, 2009 loveheals
Rowdy is so handsome and sounds like a wonderful dog! Why such a low biscuit count-----growl.... Wishin g you many years of love and play together!
Aug 25, 2009 guspup
Rowdy is so handsome! He sounds like a perfect companion, and I cab tell that he's so grateful for his forever home and loving family. Many more happy, healthy years, Rowdy, and eleven biscuits!
Aug 25, 2009 Phoebala99
Awwww, so cute!!!! Love rowdy, I'll post my favorite pic...
Aug 25, 2009 Phoebala99
He's so sweet in this picture! ps, I'll give you 11 biscuits!
Aug 25, 2009 babs
What a handsome dog and i love his smile. rescue dogs are always grateful and show their love.
Aug 25, 2009 djmc
How sweet , love ya , hugs and kisses
Aug 25, 2009 ButtersMum
Handsome, gentle and kind. What a lovely, lovely boy he is. Enjoy him. Love and tons of bikkies for you Rowdy.
Aug 25, 2009 clemency
I love Rowdy's expression in this picture. He looks noble, kind, and sensitive!
Aug 25, 2009 teeru
I love you a lot. You have a happy home.
Aug 25, 2009 allmyshelties
Rowdy is so happy now!! Great name for a great dog. He seems gentle and loving and will give you love and loyalty his whole life. God bless the vet for rescuing him from the roadside and you for providing a loving home. How great is must be to see that adorable face each and every day. Tons of biscuits for Rowdy.
Aug 25, 2009 w102663
Rowdy, you are a sweetheart. Kudos to the vet that rescued you and got you in tip-top shape; and, to your loving family that adopted you. Nice story :o} You are so cute and I love your smile - happiness always.....OOO XXX & tons of peanut butter biscuits
Aug 25, 2009 Beth1226
I'm so glad that Rowdy had a second chance to be a part of a loving family! He has a sweet face and disposition to go with it. Who knows what he went through but he still knows how to trust and love. Pits are not dangerous. Some of their owners are, but the breed is not.
Aug 25, 2009 boojerdog
Love that face and those sweet eyes - you can tell that Rowdy's happy in his home. :-)
Aug 25, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
Rowdy looks like such a sweet heart.
Aug 25, 2009 Cleoluver
Look at Rowdy's sad little eyes! I love the way he looks grown up and tough, but he's really friendly and a big baby! 11 biscuits!
Aug 25, 2009 lucybee
Rowdy-I am so glad you found a loving family.I can tell you are a wonderful guy.Such dignity and loyalty in your face!
Aug 25, 2009 lalamcgoo
Awww look at this beautiful, proud boy! What a wonderful end to such a sad situation, thanks goodness for do-gooders who love dogs! A long happy life to Rowdy, lets see a pic of him sleeping on his stuffed toy! I bet that is precious!!
Aug 25, 2009 Silv3rT3ar
Aww. You are so cute, Rowdy! :D
Aug 25, 2009 loonz
Come on people, Rowdy deserves dozens of biscuits. He's a handsome fellow.
Aug 25, 2009 Freedom's Pet
Rowdy, you have such a wise and handsome face. And I love that you have a family now to love you and appreciate all that you have to offer. Lots of treats and tummy rubs and a long, healthy and happy life with your people.
Aug 25, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
OH, how precious is this face!? I love Rowdy's expressions. He is just gorgeous. Some look for different things in animals, I look at the soul. He has a beautiful one. I am so very happy that someone like your vet found him and brought him to life. Please give him big bear hugs from me, and nose kisses from my Ella Bella, and a TON of biscuits from the Wolfman.
Aug 25, 2009 GingerDakota
Rowdy, what a great name! And what a great dog. I'm so happy for you, that you found your forever home with lots of room, and your family obviously loves you to pieces! Have a happy life, Rowdy! xoxoxo
Aug 25, 2009 iluvk9s
You can just see the sweetness coming out of those eyes, Rowdy is absolutely adorable!! So glad he is home and happy. He deserves a million biscuits and tons of hugs and kisses!!!!
Aug 25, 2009 doggone1973
Rowdy you are so handsome, i love your coloring. You have a very sweet face that just screams out what a love bug you must be. lots of hugs and kisses sweetie and bless your rescuer and the family who adopted you.
Aug 25, 2009 drakes' granny
Rowdy looks quite healthy now. Thanks to the Vet and you for doing such a great job. Poor baby would not have made it like he was. Love him and protect him forever.
Aug 25, 2009 dailypuppylove11
Aug 25, 2009 dailypuppylove11
Aug 25, 2009 Lorenn
Aww, what a sad (But happy!) story! I'm super-happy that you found such a great home, Rowdy. You've got gorgeous Brindle fur, and that smile is amazing. =) I love those ears, too! 11 bones for you, cutie. You are a good boy! :)
Aug 25, 2009 greyhoundmommy
He is definitely a handsome man, so regal.
Aug 25, 2009 tildalovespuppyz
hes sooooooo beautiful! so so beautiful!
Aug 25, 2009 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Rowdy looks so proud and majestic in this picture. Bless you, and your vet, for rescuing this wonderful fellow. He has the lovely Mastiff look, but the Boxer in him is also evident. What a wonderful combination. I am quite sure he is a loyal protector and companion of his family, as well as a bit of a social butterfly. Rowdy has kind eyes. Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum in London, Ontario
Aug 25, 2009 lizanne
Rowdy, You are so loving and quite a handsome boy. Your eyes are very wise and your smile is sweet. Hugs and kisses from Master Cooper, Miss Katie and Momma Elizabeth in N~
Aug 25, 2009 puppy world#1
Awwwwwwwwww i really like his name and his eyes but i cant pronounce hs name very well is it roa dee?Awww thats mean left in the rain with fleas and ticks thats rude who would do that to there dog.I feel so haoppy that they found rawday :).I rember one time my cousin was moving and they left there dog alone in there old house she starting wining howling and the neighbors called them and they were shoked and gave her to some one else it was pretty sad though all hungry and alone.
Aug 25, 2009 lilyb
Rowdy you are handsome boy with sweet soul. So happy you were rescued and now have the wonderful forever family you so deserve and who truly appreciate how special you are.
Aug 25, 2009 Coinshop
Now this is an adorable face. Rowdy is gorgeous. Glad that you became his forever home. Wishes for many more happy years together.
Aug 25, 2009 wolfgirl66
Wonderful and handsome Rowdy sounds like a very important member of his loving forever family!!!!!! I hope he enjoys a very long and happy life!!!!!
Aug 25, 2009 ladymeshel
Adorable pit bull! He looks a lot like our Oscar. They are the most loving dogs.
Aug 25, 2009 pupfanatic
Awwww, Rowdy, what a great bio your mommy wrote. She/ your family obviously is madly in love w/ you, as they of course would be. Thank GOD, the vet stepped in and THANK YOU for rescuing this angel face. What a love. A billion trillion kisses, hugs, treats for Rowdy!
Aug 26, 2009 lovely latvian
Rowdy whoa what a handsome boy. Gee you can come over to my house any time you like and I will give you big hugs and cookies. Luv ya boy !!!!!
Aug 28, 2009 Estralita
Sooooooo cute!
Aug 29, 2009 dankaness
I love that's like "mmmm, what is the nature of the universe"....beautiful adult pup:) I am so glad he found such a good home.
Aug 29, 2009 terry c
I love brindle coats. Rowdy is quite the handsome fellow.
Sep 3, 2009 kwikwitz
How could that face not cheer you right up???? Rowdy is a good, good boy! What a lucky human your Mama is -- I wish everyone could know the love and companionship of the dog like you!
Oct 11, 2009 dentongirl
U r so cute my cousin would love u!!!!!!!!!!!
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