Ruffles the Shar-Pei

Dog Breed: Unknown

Ruffles' mom says: Our first family pet was a shar-pei named Wrinkles. When he was 6, he suddenly started walking in a wobbly way, and within a week he had died of a brain tumor. Now we have a new shar-pei, named Ruffles. He is 8 months old and very funny. He yawns out loud and he snorts like a pig. He snores so loudly that his bed vibrates, and people in the house ask, "What is that?" He often has dreams while he sleeps and starts kicking his feet in the air and grunts loudly. He has many wrinkles in unusual places like behind his ankles. Every time he walks his rolls jiggle. He loves to chase the leaves when we sweep. He also runs from the leaves when one if us is using the leaf blower. Whenever you look at Ruffles you can't help but laugh.