Ruffy the German Shepherd

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Ruffy's mom says: My husband saw an ad in one of our local circulars in the "Pets for Adoption" section. Someone was giving their pure 11-month-old German shepherd up for adoption. My husband answered the ad and went to check out the puppy. Ruffy belonged to a family with a toddler. As a puppy, he would run and jump and knock the toddler over, which got to be too much for the couple to handle. Ruffy was 11 months old then; he's now over 14 years old. At the time we adopted Ruffy, we had a an older dog, Triever. When Triever passed away, Ruffy mourned for two months, barely eating and just lying around. He began limping a lot and we thought it was getting to be his time to go, too. My husband, feeling sad for Ruffy, bought a golden retriever puppy we named Roscoe. When we brought Roscoe home, he was only six weeks old. When Ruffy laid eyes on this tiny, fuzzy creature, he immediately reacted in a grandfatherly way, sniffing him gently and observing everything he did. They became close companions. As Roscoe grew bigger, he and Ruffy began playing tug of war, usually with a dumbbell toy or the toy my husband makes for them -- two new tennis balls tied and knotted to the ends of a thick twisted rope. A year and a half later, Roscoe has grown up to nearly Ruffy's size. They are truly the best of friends.