Rugby and Polo the Yorkies

Dog Breed: Unknown

Rugby and Polo's mom says: Rugby (left) is about nine pounds and Polo is six pounds. Rugby is a pure mama's girl and loves attention. She is the barker but is very submissive (rolls on her back when approached by other dogs). She is remorseful when scolded. She loves to bury bones in the backyard if she thinks sister Polo might try to get a bite. She's a lover not a biter! Jumps like crazy; she used to "clock" me in the nose every time I got home until I learned to get out of her way. She's a bit slower intellectually than her sister but always seeks approval. She loves to race me in the swimming pool. Polo is the little one. She's a bit more independent than her sister. She is friendly, hardly ever barks (her sister takes over for her after one woof), and is afraid of nothing. She is smart and "will work for food"! She burrows under the covers at night, close to our feet. Very crafty, she plays up on her sister's weaknesses and jealousies. She loves to bask in the sun but not a fan of swimming, although she is a good swimmer.