Ruger the Boxer Mix

Dog Breed: Boxer / Pug

One day in May of 2010, our son sent a text about a puppy that needed a new home. The current owners were moving and could not take Ruger with them. So, Ruger made the trip from Virginia to Ohio to meet us and we fell in love immediately! Ruger melted our hearts! And he is just what our family needed, another sibling/child. Ruger fits our lifestyle perfectly--active! Ruger is a great runner, as he loves to run with me. And a great walker for our teenaged kids. He loves to fetch his ball and snuggle with us on the couch. I will admit, I talk baby-talk to Ruger and he loves it! My kids do it too! He just wags his curly tail and looks up with those cute little puppy-dog eyes! He knows that he is loved so deeply because we tell him every day. I would be lost without Ruger!