Sailor the Terrier Mix

Dog Breed: Dachshund / Terrier

Sailor was rescued from a backyard breeder along with his mother, father and three puppy siblings. They were being kept in dirt and filth, were being abused, had limited food and were completely exposed to the elements. Once rescued he and his family were put into a wonderful foster home. Sailor was able to live his first few months of life in a caring home with his family. Joe and I adopted Sailor from the Animal Advocates Alliance in March and it has been wonderful ever since. He is the most caring and loving dog I have ever met. He makes us laugh all the time. He is a graduate of Zoom Room's obedience training and was recommended to take the tricks class (due to his amazing skills!) We don't even remember what life was like before Sailor came into our lives. We feel truly lucky to have such a wonderful dog.