Sally the Labrador

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

Sally's mom says: Sally was my first dog ever. My husband and I got her when she was eight weeks old and weighed 11 pounds. She is 11 years old now but it's amazing how much puppy she has in her. Before I got Sally, I was not a dog person. She completely changed me and made me fall in love with dogs. She was a crazy pup who had the most insane ball drive and still does. Sally is the most patient and gentle dog. It seems like anytime we brought a puppy home it thought Sally was a chew toy. Sally had a younger sister Roxie, who was a doberman, and a younger brother Dweezle, also a dobie, who both are in doggie heaven. Both dogs thought Sally was their toy and she would lie there and let them jump all over her. Then came Maggie, my Great Dane, and she too thought and still thinks of Sally as a chew toy. Sally's favorite thing to do is sleep on the bed curled up in the pillows. She's an awesome girl. She's just great and I love her!