Sam*, Jack, Meisje (and Canis)

Dog Breed: Unknown

Sam and Jack say: "We are all purebred Jack Russells. Our dad, Canis, was born on a horse farm in Kentucky and moved to Holland when he was very young. He came for a visit over the Thanksgiving holiday. We all have different mothers. They are all Dutch. Jack is six years old, Meisje (which means “little girl” in Dutch) is four, and Sam is 1½. We live in Wellesley, MA, and Meisje, who also came to visit for the holidays, lives in Ohio. We all love to play all day with tennis balls. We especially like to go to the top of the stairs and let the ball bounce down and try to race one another to the bottom to see who can catch it first. We also like to bark at all the neighborhood dogs. Mom likes too bark too. Her voice gets really loud when we bark. She barks out the word "SHUT UP." We don’t know what it means but we are happy to hear her bark with us!" Sam Jack Meisje * Previous Puppy of the Day ~ Sam's Puppy Pictures