Sammy the Adoptable Grown-Up Puppy

Dog Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier

Sammy is a male American Pit Bull Terrier mix. He is nearly a year old, so we think he'll grow just a bit more. He is 45 pounds right now and after he fills out, he'll probably grow to be close to 60 pounds. We see some signs of shepherd and possibly boxer in him, but one thing is for sure, Sammy is 100% pure love! He is an incredibly sweet and affectionate dog, with a great personality and a touch of goofball thrown in. He was found as a stray by the city pound, though he probably wasn't living on the streets long before he was found. Sammy was adopted from us when he was only six months old but then returned, because he got too big. We were pretty disappointed at the people that had taken him then, so we are being very careful to find a solid forever home for this little boy. We hope you'll come meet him soon! Sammy is in need of a loving forever home, and is located at the BARC Shelter in Brooklyn. Please visit: for more information!