Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Feb 19, 2008 megs
Samson is such a gorgeous boy!! I love the spots on his tongue! And I never thought of the zip-tie around the tags, what a good idea! Enjoy your handsome baby! :)
Feb 19, 2008 kool_kat_3
Samson is such a stunner! What a handsome lad! It sounds like he is well loved and has a great life. Lots of hugs and treats for you xxxx
Feb 19, 2008 Ursa'sMomma
Now there is boy who luvs his people! Handsome baby!
Feb 19, 2008 howiesmom
I want to learn the Sammy Salsa!!!! What adorable babies!! Lucky You!!!
Feb 19, 2008 bongo
Ah! I think he is just wonderful! And Argus, too. They look like so much fun.

My question is--as seen in this picture, how do you have any decorations sitting on top of furniture with all those big-doggy tails in the house?
Feb 19, 2008 TBone
Ah yes...and they LOVE to wrestle right on your feet. They are great boys and add a lot of love to the family!
Aunt Nat and Unlce Tom
Feb 19, 2008 Mummm
What wonderful BIG fellas! Samson is really handsome!
Feb 19, 2008 yujismom
so i guess that makes sampson a "Great Boxer"...he sure looks like one!
Feb 19, 2008 MaisysMom are a very handsome boy! Tell your mom that those of us who are owned by Boxers know all about the "folding your body in half" it's affectionately known in the Boxer world as the "kidney bean" because your body looks like the same shape when you are wiggling all around. Regardless of what you call it, you look like a happy Boxer boy with your friend Argus whose face I just love.
Sending you lots of Boxer hugs and kisses!
Feb 19, 2008 DaveyDog
Now, that's what I call two handsome males!! Those faces would melt me!!
Ontario, Canada
Feb 19, 2008 mjbroadbent
Indeed, Sam and Gus are the most wonderful and dearly beloved dogs! I cracked up when reading the "faces melt me" comment for that is exactly how I feel. They can affaect that "Puss in Boots" look that lets them get away with just about anything. And, they have the *most* truly fantastic "parent" people too (even if I do have a strong family bias)!

Big sis MJ (a.k.a 'Bacon Lips' to Argus)
Feb 19, 2008 whoopiwho
He has the beautiful markings of a boxer with the white socks and most all other qualities of the boxer breed as well, the folding of his body, etc. Sounds like he just got the size from the Dane. You will have many happy years with this handsome, goofy, sweet baby. I know there is never a dull moment with my two boxers. Lots of hugs and Kisses for Samson and Argus such beautiful boys!!
Feb 19, 2008 kpeden
I also have a great Dane and boxer mix. I have never seen another one before! they are so sweet even if they are big. Where did you get him? I got mine in Feb 2006 as a puppy
Feb 19, 2008 clemency
Look at these little faces! So cute! I would have a hard time saying no to these two!
Feb 19, 2008 Brunomom
I love this picture, what a riot! They are both very beautiful. And they share a lovely home.
Feb 19, 2008 pauz4paws
Sam, you won the doggie lottery for sure! Sound like you have a great life & wonderful family. Not to mention a great friend in Argus....what more could a dog ask for?
You can see the love in his eyes, and I know he is ever so grateful for bringing him into such a great home. Bless you! xoxo from our critter camp here in Fl. xoxo
p.s. Samson and Argus are BEAUTIFUL DOGS!
Feb 19, 2008 bopeep
Well Samson don't think a dog could get any happier than you are. Would love to see the "Sammy Salsa". Many wonderful happy years with Argus and your human parents. Hugs and kisses from Kansas USA.
Feb 19, 2008 Sammy's Grammy
There's our big, sweet, wonderful boy!!! You are lookin' SO GOOD!! Hugs to you, Gus and the family from your ever-lovin' Gramoi in Florida. Whap-whap-whap...Sammy Salsa...YES!!
Feb 19, 2008 sylvanbliss
This picture (along with all the others) has me completely undone.

What gorgeous hunks of waggin' love! Argus and Samson, bff.
Feb 19, 2008 Mom2Sam&Gus
Thanks for all your comments! Sam is indeed a treasure. Regarding the long tails & household items: I'm not sure how, but they haven't *accidentally* destroyed anything yet!

To kpeden: We got him in Geauga County, Ohio.

I'll submit some Gus photos too & see if he gets picked! He's a totally different story...
Feb 19, 2008 stormsamson
What a sweet little boy! Samson, Samson, Samson I just love your face and your eyes. Millions of kisses to you!!!
Feb 19, 2008 puppypac
What a good looking boy Samson is - and Argos is no slouch either!
I had a Great Dane, Am. Staffordshire x for over 16 years - and I understand about the tail wagging back end - I used to call him Wigga Wump because of the double action back there. Too funny. He was the best dog I will ever have without a doubt and I've had a few.
Samson looks like a winner.
Feb 19, 2008 Marlowe's Mom
What a kind, handsome face he has. He really does look like a gentle giant! And your other dog is very handsome too.
Feb 19, 2008 mling
This picture cracked me up! What a fantastic duo they make! Much love to Samson! He looks like a sweetheart!
Feb 19, 2008 Maddie the Dog
what an amazing face- so loved
Feb 19, 2008 nelly
Thank you so much for rescuing one of the big boys! Usually, people are intimidated by them, and don't realize the joy and majesty they possess. I have such a rush of love and joy for you and your wonderful animals.
Feb 19, 2008 Glorybe
What a handsome, regal-looking boy! And how cute is Argus!!! You have such a beautiful family!

Thank you so much for adopting Samson. I know he will never stop thanking you for your act of love and kindness towards him.

Many Many years of good health, love and happiness to you all!
Feb 20, 2008 StephanieS
What a gorgeous, happy dog! He and his brother look like they're having an absolutely fabulous time with you.
Feb 20, 2008 mqm501
Alas it still won't let me pick a favourite - keeps taking me back to the home page - but I love the one on the stairs. Samson and Argus are both very handsome - how lucky you are. Hope to read Argus's story sometime soon! Many joy filled years with them both.
Very Best Wishes from Spain.
Feb 21, 2008 faintsfromcutedogs
Hi are so handome and suave. You're the canine version of Cary Grant!
Feb 28, 2008 jowaldo
This picture made me laugh out loud!!

They look like they were having a "dog party" and saw Mom and Dad coming home early! BUSTED!!!! :)
Mar 10, 2011 ddeluca
We adopted a dog a few months ago that is a twin to yours. I wish I could share a picture you would be amazed. Samson looks like a real sweety.
Mar 10, 2011 ddeluca
We adopted a dog a few months ago that is a twin to yours. I wish I could share a picture you would be amazed. Samson looks like a real sweety.
Sep 17, 2013 rosebud33
i have a dog that could be this guy's twin! was the shelter definitive about the breed? i've always wanted to know what kind of dog mine is (i've had him 11 years, and rescued him as a stray).
Oct 23, 2013 biggdogg90
Almost a dead ringer for my pup! Samson is one handsome guy
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