Samson the Great Dane/Boxer Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Samson's mom says: We adopted Samson on Father's Day 2006 from our local animal shelter. We were astounded by his striking good looks and fantastic personality. Sam is playful, goofy, intelligent, loyal, and very sweet. We call him our Gentle Giant. Despite his intimidating size (his head reaches my hip when standing), he is the most gentle, loving dog you could want. When he sees us coming home, his giant tail wags his whole body like he?s going to fold in half. We call it the "Sammy Salsa" because his back paws have to stamp double-time to keep up with the wagging. He loves to play with other doges, no matter their size, and knows how to be gentle with even the tiniest ones. What he loves the most is any dog fast enough to chase him - although he hasn't been caught yet! We take him and his little "brother," Argus out to the country and they run