Sandy the Adoptable German Shepherd Mix

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Sandy is a deliciously adorable 10-month-old sable German Shepherd girl mixed with something fun and refreshing. Sandy's soul is saturated with sunshine and sweetness. She's always wagging that tail of hers around new people and other dogs she meets. Sandy is such a happy girl who loves walking right beside you wherever you want to go. She is super smart and great at figuring out puzzles, like how to trick a volunteer into leaving her treat bag unattended long enough to empty out the entire contents. She's looking for a family she can call her own and won't stop at belly rubs and kisses until she gets what she wants. Sandy will surely be hopelessly devoted to you if you decide to make her a part of your family! If you are interested, please visit for more info. (Southern California applicants only!)