Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Jun 7, 2007 GOLDENPUP
[color=purple] i love her! she looks very playfull and fun! and your other dogs are cute too. hugs and kisses to sarah XOXO [/color]
Jun 7, 2007 VikkiFox
i love the pic of her with a golf ball in her mouth! cute!!
Jun 7, 2007 FireHorse
She looks like a dog who lives life to the full - adorable!
Jun 7, 2007 RaidersMom
Oh, she is a beauty! I love the picture with all the leaves and dirt on her! She looks truely satisfied! All your dogs are beautiful!
She is sooooo cute! I luv the one with her two buddies!!! Enjoy and have fun with them all!
Jun 7, 2007 scobig
Nothing feared more than the infamous Westie attitude! Haha. Strong personalities make the world a better place dont they Sarah? ;) I love the Scottie! You dont see those everyday! Such a cute trio! Kisses to you all!
Jun 7, 2007 kukie
awwww what a honey pie! I want one! or two or three...
Jun 7, 2007 jenake7395
Such a cutie! My husband and I are looking into getting a Glen of Imaal Terrier and they look almost like a bigger version of this little gal. I hope you have many happy days with all of your pups!
Jun 7, 2007 faintsfromcutedogs
Dearest Sarah, I saw your photo today and would like to ask you to the doggie prom. I think we would make a lovely couple because it seems we both are typical stubborn Westies who would give each other a run for our money. Let's talk. I'd say send a photo, but you could just look in the mirror or check out my grown up Daily Puppy page (April 9, 2007). http://www.dailypupp
Licks and Kisses, Benny
Jun 8, 2007 postiemayer
glad to hear some one elses Westie is hard to keep clean. Should never have made them white
Jun 11, 2007 vllybllstar
aw mann 2 cute!
i <3 the pic of the "family" on the couches! :D 2 cute
Jun 14, 2007 gordygus
Benny, this is Sarah's mum. Sarah is very flattered by your offer but unfortunately I am not letting her go to any more formals after her last performance where she came home after curfew covered in mud and she had big rips in the beautiful dress I made her. Afterwards I found out that she had snuck liver treats into the venue and started a fight over the food table. I guess I shouldn't have been so naive to expect a Westy to behave like a lady.
Jun 14, 2007 gordygus
Don't pay any attention to my mum. She's a wowser. I know a place in the fence where security is weak. I can dig my way out, hitch-hike to the airport and catch the next QANTAS jet to America (that's where they have proms isn't it?) and we can paint the town red. By the way, would it be vain of me to say I think you're very handsome?

- Sarah
Jun 15, 2007 faintsfromcutedogs
Sarah, please don't let your mom know we've been communicating, as it seems she's very over-protective and won't accept the fact that you like to get out now and then. Here is the plan...I'll send a limo to your house and have the driver honk three times quickly followed by one long honk. There will be peanut butter-flavored rawhide that will lead you to the car, and then we'll be off to the airport and then to the doggie dance. Don't let Gordon or Chi Chi know because I want all of your attention.

I can't wait to meet you and tell you my best squirrel watching/chasing tactics. Until then, faithfully yours........Benny in Maryland.
Jun 17, 2007 westiegirl
she'd make a good friend to my westie, Monty....

they'd love rolling in smelly things together!

and chasing the squirrels and magpies in the back garden!


Jun 17, 2007 Loizhanne
[color=red][B] AWWWWWWSOME!
Jun 17, 2007 Loizhanne
Oops! left the command dangling! oh, well.......
Jun 17, 2007 sylvanbliss
Doesn't Benny care that Sarah is besotted with Gordon? Will Sarah, the dirty girl, step out on her faithful companion? With an American? Don't listen to the tails of limos and fatty treats, Sarah! Those southern Westies are smooth talkers. Gordon may be a wee bit daft but he's solid stock and not half way around the world!

What a lovely bunch of doggies!
Jul 7, 2007 faintsfromcutedogs
Sarah, please don't give in to social pressures. Someday, if you want this as much as I want this, we will be together. Follow your heart.
Oct 9, 2008 clarissastarrs
My west highland terrier ran away last night:'( he looked just like Sarah... his name was Benji=(
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