Sasha the Terrier Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Sasha's mom says: I got Sasha at the Humane Society in Gulfport, MS, when I was volunteering there. She was in a kennel with a bunch of hyper beagles. Every time she tried to come to the front, they would jump around and step all over her until she was forced to the back again. I took one look at those huge, pleading eyes and knew that I had to have her. Whether that was a good decision I'm not sure. She sure is a terrier (terror, more like.) She runs away, gets into everything, steals things, tears up things... but when she's being good, she's just the sweetest thing ever. She has mom wrapped around her little paw and she knows it. Her favorite pastimes are hiking, playing with her treat ball, looking out the window, and making nests in blankets or piles of clean clothes.