Saydee Reese the Beagle

Dog Breed: Beagle

Saydee's mom says: Wow, I can hardly believe that it has already been a year since we first got Saydee. She was so small and cute when we first got her and now she is still cute but much bigger. She is a handful, I don't think that she has calmed down at all. She is always running around the house and getting into something. She loves to play fetch, although she doesn't always willing hand over the toy when she brings it back. She goes crazy every time I get the laser pointer out. I shine it all over the room and she runs around and tries to catch it, but I hate to tell her that no matter how hard she tries she will never be able to catch that red light. She has learned a few tricks in this past year, she can sit, shake, and lay down. The best "trick" that I have taught Saydee is "It's time for bed." Every night after I take her outside for the last time, I say "Saydee, It's time for bed." She runs upstairs and sits in her kennel waiting patiently fo r me to reward her with a little peanut butter in her Kong and a goodnight kiss. She is such a sweet dog and even though she misbehaves sometimes and I have to tell her no, I can't stay mad at her for long. Her cute little beagle face and the way she wags her tail so hard that it makes her whole body shake back and forth uncontrollably makes me melt every time. I love my beagle!