Scarlet the Beagle Mix

Dog Breed: Beagle / Mixed

Scarlet is a 5 year old beagle mix. Big question mark on what she is mixed with. Scarlet came into our lives as a temporary home until she healed up from her spay surgery in early November. She had lived her entire life in a shed by herself. She was not socialized with other animals...or people, actually. Scarlet's first week with us was very difficult. She had to learn everything! She didn't understand what it felt like to be loved or held. Scarlet was a puppy inside a 5 year old body. She had no knowledge of anything--whether it was a food dish or the back door. She was terrified of the stairs and refused to use them unless I carried her up and down. It is unreal how fast she learned and how well she is doing in such a short amount of time. She is finally loved and happy. She sleeps in bed with her us and her sister, Kiwi. She is certainly amazing.