Schubert the Jack Russell Terrier

Dog Breed: Unknown

Schubert's mom says: Schubert was adopted from the city of Austin's animal shelter when he was two and a half years old. What caught my eye at the shelter was his adorable masked face poking out of the kennel's chain-link bars with a rubber shoe in his mouth. He let me take the shoe and throw it in the back of his run, sending him chasing after it and crying all the way. He hated to be separated from that shoe toy, even when I took him out for a short walk (he carried it in his mouth), and that's how I got the idea to name him Schubert. Today he doesn't need that rubber shoe anymore, and he is much more outgoing and friendly. He has even passed the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test and volunteered at the local state hospital to visit the mentally ill. Currently he spends most of his time being my best friend and helping dogs that I foster learn how to be good pets.