Scotty the Yorkie Tzu

Dog Breed: Unknown

Scotty's mom says: Scotty is a rescue dog who I rescued as a puppy. He loves to play fetch and loves to go to the park. He has a brother a Chihuahua (who is camera shy) and they love to wrestle and chase each other. We have lots of foster dogs that come and go and Scotty is so friendly and warm that they get really attached to him fast. Scotty has never met man or dog that he didn't like! He is a really great boy.

Comments (15)
Puppyluv Sep 9, 2006
Wow, what a cute mix! He has dreamy eyes! So cute!

TaCeY Sep 9, 2006
I really think Scotty is a cutie! What an adorable name for such a...

westicles Sep 9, 2006
your dog's cute...would be breakfast for my dogs...but cute none the...

Kelli Starr Sep 9, 2006
I LOVE SCOTTY!!! He's cute and snuggly!!!! SCOTTY IS #1!!!!!

Dina Sep 10, 2006
Thats my baby! He is as sweet as he looks! :D

granny lee Sep 10, 2006

Abbeh- Sep 10, 2006
Scotty's the MAN! Such a cute-puff!

lovelovepups! Sep 27, 2006
So cute! want to cuddle!

Julia Oct 27, 2006

Your bangs are amazing. Your nosie is a...

DogMom Oct 30, 2006

Baylee and Cooper-s Mom Nov 28, 2006
What a beautiful mix! I love my Yorkie! 11 biscuits from me.... :o)

jontysmom Feb 26, 2007
What a sweet face! How could anyone resist him?

sandi May 9, 2007
What a cute friendly fellow. I can just tell he makes lots of...

Mummm Sep 16, 2007
Oh so cute! I love that he is friendly to everyone.

Lizanne Jan 11, 2008
Scottie is Adorable. Hugs to this sweet little guy from Elizabeth...