Scout and Corky the Yorkies

Dog Breed: Unknown

Scout and Corky's mom says: Scout is a lively little girl who enjoys life every single day. She is one of the happiest girls I have ever seen. Every day is a new adventure to her; she seldom has an off day. As you can see, a lot of her joy is expressed by her sweet pink tongue. She is always laughing. She loves to go fishing with us in the boat and she enjoys the water! With Scout around you can't have a bad day; she won't allow it. She makes anyone around her smile. Corky is nine years old. I inherited Corky in January of 2003. I walked at a local park every day with Scout and met a wonderful man who was Corky's dad. We enjoyed visiting and chatting about our dogs and life in general. Corky's dad told me he had purchased the beautiful little Yorkie for his wife but she had just recently passed away from cancer and he himself had been diagnosed with ALS. He talked of how protective Corky had been of his wife while she was ill, keeping her company and never leaving her. Now the little guy was his constant companion while he too struggled with illness. Corky sat patiently on his lap, never seeming to be unhappy that he couldn't get out and enjoy running with the other dogs. In January of 2003 Corky's dad lost his battle and passed away. I received a phone call from the vet we shared telling me that Corky's dad had left wishes that he come to my home to be a part of our family. He joined my Yorkie Scout in his new forever home. Now he and Scout run and play at the park together, chasing anything they can and enjoying Yorkie life in general. He is a gift to us, bringing love and joy to our home every day. He is such a loving and bright boy, one of the funniest and most charming Yorkies we have had the pleasure of knowing.