Scrappy Doo the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier / Basset Hound

I am a very special guy! I am a Basset/Lab/Pit Bull Mix. Well, we think... I always get asked what mix I am since I am very unique looking! Long ago, I was found as a stray dog in Warren, Michigan. No one came to pick me up and claim me at the shelter, so thankfully before my time was up my mom came to adopt me. It was the best decision she ever made! Lucky me, she actually lived in Florida and was just in Michigan visiting family. So not only did I get adopted, I got to move to Florida with the sunshine and palm trees. I love to play tug-o'-war and eat as many treats as I can get my paws on. My mission is to educate others: to adopt, spay/neuter their pets, foster, volunteer, raise funds for a great cause and of make people smile!