Scrappy the Mini Dachshund

Dog Breed: Unknown

Scrappy's mom says: Scrappy lives with my husband and me in central New Jersey and is an absolute joy. Amazingly, we found him online---out of over 600 miniature dachshunds listed, he just seemed to call out to us. So we contacted the breeder and within about a week's time, he made the long flight home to us, where he's been getting spoiled rotten since the day he arrived. He loves playing with his infamous "Bobo," he rips any and every stuffed animal toy to shreds, and he is a sucker for belly rubs. He also enjoys relaxing on the couch for some evening TV. Mornings are our favorite with him, when he greets us like the hot biscuit he is, with a wagging tail, belly exposed, ready to start the day. We love him to bits, and couldn't imagine life without him.