Seeley the Great Pyrenees

Dog Breed: Great Pyrenees

Seeley was originally purchased as a puppy by a young couple. The man, for who knows what reason, would punish Seeley by beating him with a flashlight. After owning him for about a year, the couple gave Seeley to the woman's father. He lived in an apartment and ended up surrendering Seeley to a rescue after a few months because he knew that a big dog like him wouldn't flourish in an apartment. Seeley arrived to the rescue about 40 pounds underweight and very frightened. The wonderful staff nursed him to health and helped him overcome his fears over the course of several months. The woman at the rescue was worried when she told me this story because she thought I would change my mind about taking him home, but if anything, it assured me I was making the right choice. Seeley has a heart bursting with love and joy. He's such a gentle, calm boy and I am blessed to have him in my life. He has put his undoubtedly rough past behind him and he's ready to move on. He's currently training to become a therapy dog.