Shanghai the Shar-Pei/Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Unknown

Shanghai's mom says Shanghai was adopted in December 2003 and was just under a year old (I think). I found her on, and they shipped her up to Massachusetts from North Carolina. In North Carolina she was dropped off at a kill shelter to be euthanized along with her seven puppies. Meanwhile she was just a pup herself. Luckily, a rescue group found her and posted her on Petfinder. She had a rough puppyhood but I've more than made up for it since! She's spoiled rotten with anything and everthing she could ever need. From clothes to accessories and a HUGE toybox filled with toys. She loves going to the beach and running around on her 50-foot leash. She's extremely smart and knows both hand and voice commands along with figuring out on her own how to open a sliding screen door and a regular screen door to get out... which isn't a good thing because she's aggressive with most other dogs, so now we have to be a step ahead and lock the doors! But she's the best! And her wrinkles are just the cutest when she's sleeping. I couldn't imagine life without her. To think someone had just thrown her away!