Sheba the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Border Collie / German Shepherd Dog

I survived a bitter cold snap last winter when I was left out by my previous owners in the freezing weather. Luckily, my friend firefighter found me and took me home and later put me up for adoption. My new family saw me walking around town with my "adopt me" vest on and couldn't resist! I am now living in a wonderful farm house with all the land I could ever wish to roam on. I live with my sister, Puckett, the cockatiel, Lola, and the kitty, Luna. And we all live very happily together and we go on many amazing adventures and short trips! My favorite activities include exploring with my owner, traveling, hiking, agility, catching Frisbee, training, and cuddling with my owner on the couch. I love my older sister, Puckett, even though she can be an old grouch, and I want to make every dog and human happy and play with them!